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GB Reigns and Historic Periods

Important Personalities, News, Contents, Signed Items, All Periods

Early Postmarks, Bishop Marks, Dockwras, Namestamps, Receivers, Fleurons

All QV Issues on Overseas Mail, for Internal Usage see Categories 011-016 {incl'}

All issues, Departmental Overprints, Posted in Advance For Christmas

'Downey' Heads, Mackennals, Seahorses, WW1, Wembleys, UPU, Photogravure

1936 Definitives incl' Overprints, Abdication Covers

All issues incl 1937 Coronation, Silver Wedding, Festival of Britain, WW2

'Castle' High Values, Wildings, Machins, Commemoratives, Regionals

FDC, FDI, New Postal Rates, Last Day Covers, Pre-Issue Covers, Signed Items

All issues 2s/6d & above incl' Revenues, Seahorses, Festivals, Castles etc

1839 Uniform 4d Post, 1840 Uniform 1d Post, Plus Later Significant Items

GB Stamp Issues and Mulreadys

Classic Early Illustrated & Pictorial Postal Items incl' Deraedemaeker Reprints

Penny Black, May Dates, Fore-runners, 1839 Treasury Competition

Imperfs (see category 021 for Maltese Cross period items), 'Stars' & Plates

Imperfs, 'Stars' & Plates {For 1840 2d Blues see category 012}

Halfpenny 'Bantams', Three Halfpence 'Shields'

Embossed, Surface-Printed, 1887-1901 'Jubilees'

1914-94, See also Category 024 for Postage Due Postmarks

Levant, Morocco Agencies, Bechuanaland, Oil Rivers, Gulf States, British Levant, Tripolitania, Eritrea etc etc

Die Proof, Colour Trial, Essay, Inverted Watermark, Controls, Misperfs

Unused, Mint, Used, Stamps on piece, Early Stamp Dealers, Collecting

GB Postmark Categories

Pearson Hill Trials, Rideout, Azemar, Hoster, Slogans, Meter Mail

All Circular Types including 'Skeleton', 'Traveller' & Fancy Geometrics

Unusual & Experimental Cancellations Generally, Sideways Duplex, Duplex

See also Mulready & Line-Engraved Categories 011, 012 & 013

Insured, COD, Parliamentary Notice, Jury Summons, Notice of Objection

Newspaper Wrappers, NPB Postmarks, Sample Post

Inspectors Marks, Charge, Tax, Mis-sort, Missent, RLO, RLB

Timed Postmarks, Late Fee, Sunday Delivery, Leap Year, Valentines, Christmas

Privelege Mail, Par Pro, OHMS, Departmental Overprints, Certifying Stamps

Including 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee, Wembley & Philatelic Congress Items

Wheel Tax, Manuscript & Handstamp types ex England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales

Subjects and Thematics

Royal Household, House of Commons, Lords, Consular, Secret, Diplomatic Bag

Packet boats, Shipping Companies

Named Vessels, Pioneer Steamers, Steamship Companies, Cunard etc

Named Vessels, Sea Post Offices, Tea Clippers, Includes Early Australian Mails

Early Cross-Channel Items, London Foreign Office Postmarks

India Letters, Mobile Box, Coastal Steamers, H&K Packet, G&A Packet, Cahets

Station, RSO & TPO Postmarks, Railway Companies, Letter & Parcel Stamps

1911 Aerial Post, Pioneer Aviation Items, First Flights, Internal & External

RAF, RFC, RNAS, Air letter, Airgraph, Aerogrammes

Historic Military, Anglo-Boer War, WW1, WW2, Camps, Hospitals, POW etc

Royal Navy, Royal Marines,RAF, RFC, RNAS, Air letter, Airgraph, Aerogrammes

1d Pinks, STO, Envelopes, Postcards, Lettersheets, Reply Cards, Military Items

Money Orders, POSB, Printed GPO Items, Labels, Telephone & Postal Receipts

Hand-illustrated, Advertising Rings, Advertising Stationery, Early Postcards

'Back Of The Book' Issues Underprints, Security Overprints, Cinderellas, Propaganda, Strike Post

GPO Savings Stamps, GPO Training School Items, Early Lottery Tickets

Disinfected Mail, Quarantine, Damaged, Salvaged, Captured, Service Suspended

Forwarding Agents, FACs, Turned, Re-directed, Returned, Dead Letters

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Commonwealth Games, Highland Games

Hotels, Early Transport, Mailcoach, Industry, Industrial Revolution

All Other Subjects, Religion, Charity, Insurance, Banking, Police etc

GB Counties

Liverpool, Manchester, Furness District

City of York, North Riding, East Riding, West Riding

GB Regions and Ireland

Undated Receivers, Branch Offices, Numerals, Foreign Office

Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark

Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scilly, Lundy


All British Africa (A), Basutoland (AD), Bechuanaland (AC), Gambia (AG), Gold Coast (AH), Kenya Uganda & Tanganyika; K.U.T (AK), Morocco (AM), Nigeria (AN), Nyasaland & British Central Africa (AY), Rhodesia (AR), Sierra Leone (AL), Somaliland Protectorate (AP), South Africa (AS), South West Africa (AW), Sudan (AD), Swaziland (AW)

ABW Anglo Boer War POW Camps

All British South-East Asia (C), Brunei (CB), Malaya & States (CM), Labuan, North Borneo & Sabah (CL), Straits Settlements & Singapore (CS),

British Levant (EL), Cyprus (EC), Eire (EI), Gibraltar (EG), Heligoland (EH), Ionian Islands (EO), Malta (EM), Morocco Agencies (EA)

All British North America (F), British Columbia (FB), Canada (FC), Colonial America (FA),New Brunswick (FB), Newfoundland (FN), Nova Scotia (FS), Prince Edward Island (FP),

All British West Indies (G), Antigua (GA), Bahamas (GB), Barbados (G...), Bermuda (GE), British Guiana (GG), British Honduras (GH), Cayman Islands (GC), Dominica (GD), Grenada (GG), Jamaica (GJ), Leeward Islands (GL), Montserrat (GM), St.Kitts & Nevis (GK), St.Lucia (GS), St.Vincent (G...), Trinidad & Tobago (GT), Turks & Caicos Islands (GU), Virgin Islands (GV)

All British Pacific Islands (H), British Solomon Islands (HS), Christmas Island (HC), Fiji (HF), Gilbert & Ellice Islands (HG), Hong Kong (HK), Nauru (HN), New Guinea (HW), Samoa (HS), Togo & Tonga (HT),

Egypt (IE) All British Arabia (I) All Persian Gulf (IG) Bahrain (IB) Kuwait (IK) Oman (IO), Palestine (IP), Iran & Persia (II), Iraq & Mosul (IR), Qatar (IQ)

All British South Atlantic (J), Ascension (JA), Falkland Islands (JF), St.Helena (JS), Tristan Da Cunha (JT), Antarctic Expeditions (JE)

All British Indian Ocean (K), Ceylon & Sri Lanka (KC), Maldives (KV), Mauritius (KM), Seychelles (KS), Zanzibar (KZ)


USA America Confederacy Hawaii Phillipines Canal Zone

Egypt Iraq Lebanon Syria Israel Palestine Gaza Sinai

Catapult mail, Rocket mail, Ballon Monte, Glider, Helicopter


War Tax Plebiscites Occupied Territory

Religion, Explorers, Expedition, Mountaineering, Quarantine, Medicine, Vaccination

Packet Boats, Sea Post Offices, Marine Sorters, Agents & Cachets

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